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Ede has been struggling to lose weight for as long as she can remember. As a child of the 70’s she was chunky by that era’s standards though completely normal compared to children of today. She even went to Weight Watchers camp at 14 where she lost 30lbs, which promptly gained back three months later. Ede was raised by community activists and was taught that brown rice, brown bread and plant-based meals were the healthier choices so she always tended to shop and eat from the health food store. She made serious efforts to eat vegetarian or vegan throughout the years without success.  


Plagued with allergies and eczema, Ede was encouraged by a physician to try a low carb diet and she finally began to find both dieting success and relief from her ailments. Over the years she managed to control her weight, though never getting down to her ideal. With a stressful career and limited funds, she began a pattern of emotional eating that led to an 80 pound weight gain. She began feeling the weight of middle age.  At 44, Ede struggled with plantar fasciitis, back pain and terrible knee pain plus inflammation.  Living in a NYC walk up, stairs were a constant challenge.  


Ede finally committed to a ketogenic diet which limits carbohydrates to 20 grams or less per day. She found that a low carb diet was fine for maintaining her weight, but she needed to be more restrictive to lose.  With the addition of lifting heavy weights, she transformed her body and her attitude.  


Ede has become somewhat of a “ketovangelist”, so when her friend Imani casually mentioned she was following a vegan diet for a month in hopes of kicking off some weight loss, Ede knew she’d have a shot at promoting a ketogenic lifestyle.  What began as a fun afternoon of conversation launched into the Black Keto podcast, and they hope the weight loss success for millions of other women (and men!) of color.  


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